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Criminal Defense

Being accused of a crime is normally an intimidating situation. Your liberty and freedom will be adversely effected by a conviction. The attorneys at Carney Appleby Law will zealously advocate for your rights and work to protect your freedom.

We have experience in all areas of criminal defense work, with years of practice in both federal and state courts. If the State of Iowa or the United States government has charged you with a crime, you need an attorney who will thoroughly represent you and your case.

A conviction for any crime carries with it more penalties than just possible incarceration and fines; it is something that will be checked by any employer, bank, creditor, landlord or any person who performs a background check. Do not let a criminal conviction be a detrimental factor in your life. The attorneys at Carney Appleby Law will pursue every legal and factual avenue possible to exhaust your Due Process rights.

Our attorneys are capable of handling all criminal matters, including: Operating While Intoxicated (OWI), Drug Possession, Assault, Domestic Assault, Vice Charges, Burglary, Theft, Motor Vehicle or Traffic Offenses, Post Conviction Relief Proceedings, Criminal and Civil Asset Forfeiture Cases, Appeals, and Civil Rights Actions for Wrongful Arrests.